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In most cases, if a child under the age of 18 commits a crime, the case is handled by a local juvenile court. When it comes to juvenile crimes, these cases are far too complicated for self-representation and will benefit greatly from the help of an experienced Boston juvenile criminal attorney. You need someone with knowledge of the legal system, a five-star reputation, and a relentless attitude to stand by your side. Jack Diamond Law Offices has more than 20 years of experience including time spent working as a former prosecutor, giving him knowledge of both sides of the system.

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Types of Juvenile Crimes in Massachusetts

Juvenile crimes are very similar to “adult” crimes. The only major difference is the age of the perpetrator.

We handle a wide variety of juvenile cases, including:

We can also take on juvenile cases tried later in the defendant’s life. For example, if you are arrested at 30 for a DUI, and while incarcerated you are connected with an assault charge that occurred when you were 17, our Boston juvenile criminal attorney can represent you on both counts and plead for a lesser penalty based on your age at the time of your first offense.

What are the Consequences of a Juvenile Offense Conviction?

A criminal conviction can have lifelong implications such as difficulty in applying for college, obtaining a job, and securing a place to live in the future. Traditionally, the United States has encouraged rehabilitation and protection for at-risk youth. This means lighter penalties with more hands-on assistance from role models and counsellors. Consequences may include periods of probation or mandatory community service hours. For very severe crimes, a judge may sentence the defendant to a youth correctional facility.

In 1996, Massachusetts passed a law to heighten the consequences of some juvenile crimes, resulting in some teenagers being tried as adults. Investigations show that each juvenile case is handled differently. Two children who commit the same crime may face entirely different outcomes. We want to help fight for lesser penalties and preserve the futures of Boston’s next generation.

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