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Massachusetts DUI Lawyer - Jack Diamond
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Massachusetts OUI Lawyer - Jack Diamond
Massachusetts DUI Lawyer

Massachusetts DUI lawyer, Jack Diamond has been successfully representing persons charged with drunk driving, OUI, DUI and DWI, in Boston and throughout Massachusetts for over 14 years. He is an experienced and accomplished criminal and drunk driving attorney, who deals with matters including, intoxication, motor vehicle operation, accidents, citations, impairment, roadblocks, sobriety checkpoints, license suspensions, blood tests, breath tests, blood alcohol content and field sobriety tests. To better serve his clients, Jack Diamond is involved with several local and national criminal defense and drunk driving (OUI DUI DWI) defense organizations including, National College for DUI Defense, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

  •   "Jack was very personable during our initial meeting. He listened more than counseling.Jack Diamond is a true professional.I initially wanted to pursue my case differently. Jack expressed a few different options which were pursued in the most favorable direction successfully."
  •   "Jack made me feel that I was making the right decision in fighting the charges and he was right!"
  •   "Jack Diamond informed me of all of the possible outcomes painting a realistic picture.he made me feel as though he really listened to me and put me at ease.Jack acted in a confident manner throughout the process and could answer all of my questions.I was quite impressed with Jack Diamond's courtroom demeanor, he makes his points and does not back down.I was thoroughly pleased with the results."